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About Wild Star Duo Font Free Download

Wild Star is a font duo not to be tamed – this pairing of modern blackletter font & unrestrained script font aren’t afraid to make your message heard loud & clear. It’s a bold choice for merchandise, album artwork, logo designs, quotes & more. This product includes 3 fonts files provided in TTF and OTF formats; Wild Star • A modern blackletter font.

Containing lowercase only characters, plus numerals and a full range of punctuation. There are alternate stylistic versions for letters g, l & y which contain an underline flourish. To access these, simply turn on ‘Stylistic Alternates’, or access them.

Via a Glyphs panel. Wild Star Outline • A second version of the Wild Star font with an outline effect added. Wild Star Script • A rough, hand-scratched font containing 2 sets of uppercase characters, numerals and a full set of punctuation. Simply turn.

Your caps lock on & off to switch between the 2 sets of characters. Language Support • All Wild Star fonts support the following languages; English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Indonesian,.

Malay, Hungarian, Polish, Croatian, Turkish, Romanian, Czech, Latvian, Lithuanian, Slovak, Slovenian Thanks for checking it out, and feel free to drop me a message if you had any queries! Oh, and come and say hello over on Instagram! 🙂 www.instagram.com/setsailstudios.

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