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Wienerin font Free Download

October 25, 2023

About Wienerin font Free Download

The Wienerin typeface is a modern update of the classic Olympia typeface designed by Austrian designer and artist Carl Otto Czeschka almost 100 years ago. Drawing inspiration from the influential Wiener Werkstätte collective, which was at the forefront of Bauhaus, art deco and Scandinavian design, Wienerin has been adapted for contemporary use with.

Wienerin font

The inclusion of alternative signs and ligatures. With the help of variable font technology, the family has been expanded to include a greater variety of weights. To emphasize the upward elongated design, Wienerin also features a larger x-box, allowing.

Wienerin font

For a wider range of use. With 500 eifassungen or modules in three weights, this typeface family is perfect for delicate design projects such as editorial design, labels, stationery and fashion. Wienerin covers most Latin languages.

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