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Waves CPC, a pixel typeface family in the works, consists of three members and counting. The inspiration for this font stemmed from a desire to create a simplified blackletter typeface, with a sprinkle of pixel art thrown in. The name, Waves CPC, was inspired by 8bit music (chiptune), waveforms, and the grandiose waves of our Earth’s oceans. Buy now.

At this low price and you will receive all the future additions to this font family without any additional cost! Family Members Blackletter: Base, Shadow, & Inline layers, Uppercase & Lowercase characters, Numbers, symbols and punctuations, Extended Language.

Support Chunky: Upper & Lowercase characters, Numbers, symbols and punctuations (Extended Language support in next update) Tiny & Tiny Slab: Same character set as Blackletter- Regular and extended width styles The versatility of Waves CPC makes it suitable.

For a variety of uses such as zine mastheads, power metal band logos, digital tombstones, Indie RPGs and retro gaming show title screens. Also, if there are any features or glyph requests you’d like to see implemented into the font, feel free to reach.

Out! You will be entitled to free updates with improvements and changes when necessary.

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