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Uploader - Advanced Media Sharing Theme Free Download

October 17, 2023

About Uploader - Advanced Media Sharing Theme Free Download

Create and manage your own social community and content sharing website effortlessly with the Share Your Media Uploader WordPress theme! Embed or share URLs from YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and hundreds of other websites with a few clicks. Upload directly from your desktop, tablet, or mobile phone with ease.Manage your user profiles with the.

Uploader - Advanced Media Sharing Theme Free Download

Share Your Media

Uploader WordPress theme – A complete solution to create and manage your own social community & content sharing website.

Upload, embed or share URLs

Share your favourite posts from Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and hundreds of other websites with just a URL or Upload directly from your desktop, tablet & mobile phone

Advanced user management

Built-in user system with social media login, custom dashboard and user friendly design allows users to easily manage their profiles, shared content & followers.

Multiple custom widgets

08 custom widgets to enhance your website content visibility & structure

  • Users Widget This widget displays multiple users along with some profile detail.
  • Staff Picked Widget This widget displays staff picked feeds
  • Advance Posts Widget This widget displays multiple post types and comes with multiple options.
  • Radio Widget This widget automatically creats a radio channel based on the audios uploaded by users.
  • About Us Widget this widget is designed to add about us section on your website.
  • Recent Videos Widget This widget displays most recent videos uploaded by different users.
  • Recent Feeds Widget This widget displays most recent feeds uploaded by different users.
  • About User Widget This widget is designed to be used on feed detail page to show uploader’s details.

More key features

Uploader have many interesting features and some of them are following

  • Custom Player Skin This theme comes with personalized custom player skin.
  • Advanced Media Queries This theme comes with multiple advanced custom media queries.
  • Infinity Post Loading This theme comes with Infinity post loading as a option.
  • Custom Email Templates Multiple custom email templates are available in wp-admin.
  • Ajax Based Content Filteration This theme offers a Ajax based feeds filteration system.
  • Responsive Design This theme is designed and optimized carefully for mobile devices.

Already optimized for these plugins

Uploader theme works well with the following popular WordPress plugins

  • Slider Revolution Responsive WordPress Slider Plugin.
  • LayerSlider Responsive WordPress Slider Plugin.
  • WPBakery Page Builder Formerly Visual Composer.
  • Yoast SEO The #1 WordPress SEO Plugin.
  • Contact Form 7 Manage Multiple Contact Forms.
  • W3 Total Cache Website speed optimizer plugin.
  • MailChimp Signup Form For Your MailChimp List.
  • WordPress Social Login Plugin for social login.

Note: Slider Revolution, LayerSlider, WPBakery Page Builder and Easy Social Share plugins are not included.

Online Documentation & Backend features

We strongly recommend you to visit our online documentation to get better idea that how uploader theme works.
Online Documentation

Support Center

We provide support on all business days, Please submit support ticket for support queries.

In case of any support related questions please submit a support ticket at http://support.extracoding.com


29 April 19 – Version 2.2.8


1 -  core/author_class.php file updated
2 -  uploader_class.php file updated
3 -  Uploader Form Strings Updated in frontend_post.php file

Bug fixed

1 -  On Save button exc_media_query bug fixed
2 -  Post Edit on frontend post status and post license Bug Fixed
3 -  Yoast Seo Custom Pages Title Bug Fixed

3 March 2018 – Version 2.2.7


1 -  category.php new post type type updated
2 -  category-list.php markup updated
3 -  content-grid-view.php markup updated
4 -  content-grid-view2.php markup updated
5 -  content-list-view.php markup updated
6 -  header.php header sticky class and menu markup updated
7 -  header-center.php markup updated
8 -  header-classic.php markup updated
9 -  sidebar-dashboard.php markup updated
10 - single.php updated
11 - style.css file updated
12 - users.php markup updated
13 - users-appriciations.php markup updated
14 - users-followers.php markup updated
15 - users-following.php markup updated
16 - users-list-view.php markup updated
17 - users-profile.php markup updated
18 - users-media-likes.php markup updated
19 - users-media-files.php markup updated
20 - themeFunctions.php fonts updated
21 - launcher.php updated
22 - media_filter.js updated
23 - scripts.js updated
24 - uploader.min.js updated
25 - post_author.php markup updated
26 - Major update in upload form

New Feature

1 -  add footer sidebar, newsletter and social links
2 -  add new post type support in functions.php
3 -  function.php register footer widget, exc_mf_media_query_atts add new param and add new post type support in get_allowed_post_types_array function
4 -  add index.php new post type support
5 -  scripts_styles.php enqueue new skins css files
6 -  generl_settings.php add new skin option
7 -  layout_settings add new post type support
8 -  uploader_settings add new post type support
9 -  wp_helper.php add new function exc_get_sidebars_list()
10 - tgm plugin add new plugins support
11 - Added social media links support in upload form
12 - Added New skin
13 - Added new Post Type

Bug Fixed

1 -  tags.php file bug fixed
2 -  taxonomy-genre.php bug fixed
3 -  functions.php send email bug fixed
4 -  members_lite.php bug fixed
5 -  media_query.php bug fixed


1 -  menu.css file
2 -  ns-style.css file

Version 2.2.6

1 -  Minor bug fixes

Version 2.2.5

1 -  Minor bug fixes

Version 2.2.4

1 -  All core functionality moved to plugin uploader-plugin
2 -  Text domain changed from exc-uploader-theme to uploader
3 -  Extracoding Framework is required to install through TGM plugin

Version 2.2.3

1 -  Delete follower bug fixed
2 -  File size error message string settings added
3 -  Wordpress social login plugin update
4 -  new version stamp in launcher.php
5 -  advanced widget date format changed

28 December 16 – Version 2.2.2

1 -  Header Classic Login color fixed
2 -  Frontend post meta update bug fixed
3 -  Member extension updated with latest version
4 -  Social Login redirect bug fixed when force frontend login option is active
5 -  Reset password link expire issue fixed
6 -  Theme options extension version updated
7 -  W3 total cache jQuery template bug fixed
8 -  Extracoding Framework updated
9 -  Frontend form fields markup updated to support translation
10 - user widget pagination support depreciated
11 - Auto featured image selection support added in frontend form
12 - user_filter.js updated

2 August 16 – Version 2.2.1

1 -  Social Media Login added
2 -  array_map code replace with foreach to support older PHP versions
3 -  all form names changed to support latest Extracoding Framework form names standard
4 -  includes/config/metaboxes/layout_settings/layout_settings.php dynamic javascript code added for admin panel
5 -  theme_options/settings.php code updated to support latest Extracoding Framework standards
6 -  Uploader Popup on success settings added in Theme options, now user can close & redirect the page on form success.
7 -  Transation bug fix in frontend_post.php for password field
8 -  config/widgets/contact.php publicly spelling correction
9 -  core/uploader_class.php form name changed to support the new name standards
10 - core/uploader_class.php fix frontend saved fields data.
11 - iPhone Image rotation fix
12 - extension/media_query updated
13 - extension/theme_options updated
14 - launcher.php updated to support latest Framework version
15 - Taxonomy page fields bug fix
16 - uploader.min.js automatically featured image support added
17 - modules/templates/members.php social media login code added
18 - modules/contact_form.php form name updated
19 - modules/filtration.php minor bug fixed
20 - functions.php allowed post types translation applied
21 - functions.php social media login code added
22 - functions.php exc-framework text domain loaded
23 - style.css login page design updated and social login buttons related code added
24 - all users related template files updated to fix the custom header bug
25 - New Extracoding Framework Version 2.3.0 support added
26 - Wordpress Social Login plugin source added

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