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Studio Zen | Photography Theme for WordPress Free Download

October 16, 2023

About Studio Zen | Photography Theme for WordPress Free Download

Slider option to add a custom link to each slideStudio Zen is the perfect theme for photographers and creative artists. Not only is it packed with features to help you show off your work, but it also comes with a dedicated support service at http://support.imaginemthemes.com. You can take advantage of fullscreen slideshows with audio, video fullscreen.

Studio Zen | Photography Theme for WordPress Free Download

Studio Zen is a powerful theme for photographers and creative artists.




Fullscreen slideshows with audio. Video fullscreen playback fro Vimeo, Flash, Youtube and HTML5 videos.

Fullscreen Focus view toggle clears other elements for best view of fullscreen slideshows.

Portfolio includes a Horizontal Slide scroller with captions support, and Galleria slideshows, both placed on background images with focus view toggle.

A transparent fullscreen template where slideshow shortcodes and thumbnail galleries can be displayed nicely. Portfolio Galleria slideshow is currently generated by this template.

Post formats ( Aside, Quote, Audio, Video, Link, Image, Gallery )

Custom Widgets ( address, social icons, flickr, gallery, twitter, recent posts, popular posts )

Internationalized ( localize with your language .po .mo files included )



Theme Options

Intuitive Controls


  • Supports Multi site and Single site deployments
  • Light and Dark theme
  • Control menu curved or straight corners
  • Supports for any size logo
  • Fullscreen Slideshows/Videos using Custom post type.
    • Focus view toggle for fullscreen view.
  • Fullscreen image slideshows
  • Fullscreen Slideshow transitions
    • 0-None
    • 1-Fade
    • 2-Slide Top
    • 3-Slide Right
    • 4-Slide Bottom
    • 5-Slide Left
    • 6-Carousel Right
    • 7-Carousel Left
  • Background audio playback
  • Thumbnails
  • Captions
  • Fullscreen Videos
    • Fullscreen Youtube
    • Fullscreen FLV flash video
    • Fullscreen Vimeo video
    • Fullscreen HTML5 video

Flash Playback: Video Formats: H.264 (.mp4, .mov, .f4v), FLV (.flv), 3GPP (.3gp, .3g2), YouTube

Sound Formats: AAC (.aac, .m4a), MP3 (.mp3)

Image Formats: JPEG (.jpg), PNG (.png), GIF (.gif)

HTML5 Playback Video Formats *: H.264 / MP4 (.mp4), VP8 / WebM (.webm), Ogg Theora (.ogv) / Browser dependent ( Fallback to flash )

Sound Formats *: AAC (.aac, .m4a), MP3 (.mp3), Ogg Vorbis (.ogg) / Browser dependent ( Fallback to flash )

  • Horizontal Portfolio slider with captions and mouse scroll
  • Galleria Slideshow
  • Populate Menu social icon links using Widget. ( Easy to populate )
  • Post formats
    • Aside
    • Quote
    • Audio
    • Video
    • Link
    • Image
    • Gallery
  • Unlimited Portfolios
  • Portfolio
    • Linking
      • Lightbox
      • Direct Links
    • Lists
      • 3 Column Filterable
      • 3 Column
      • 2 Column
    • Portfolio Sorting
      • AJAX based slide sorter
  • Portfolio post header supports
    • Image
    • Slideshows
    • Videos
  • Advance Theme Options
  • Change colors of skin using theme options
  • Cufon On/Off with cufon font choices
  • Multiple Sidebars.
  • Contact form template validated and working mailer.
  • Custom Widgets
    • Address
    • Social icons
    • Flickr
    • Gallery
    • Twitter
    • Recent posts
    • Popular posts
  • Lots of useful Shortcodes with inbuilt shortcode generator ( No need to remember the shortcodes )
  • Internationalized ( localize with your language .po .mo files included )
  • Help Guide PDF with detailed screenshots and explanations
  • XML Demo data file provided ( Ensures an easy to build site using Demo data )
  • PSDs included

Help Guide included

For easy deployment and configuration the theme comes with an easy to follow PDF file with screenshots and explanations.

XML data file included

XML Data file is provided with the download


If you need support for the theme do post in the item discussions.

Icons in use

Icons used from (Selected icons Included)

Demo Images, Video and Audio

Photos by Georgios Karamanis ( Please request permission before using any images ) http://www.flickr.com/photos/karamanis/

  • Social icons by


Music by DanoSongs.com http://www.danosongs.com/

Videos by Blender Foundation http://www.blender.org , http://www.bigbuckbunny.org

Item History

Version 2.0

HTML5 videos powered by VideoJS
Youtube videos powered by tubular JS supports HD video
New Theme Options

/js/videojs/[all files and folders]
/framework/options/[all files and folders]
HelpGuide PDF updated

Version 1.9

Fix - Shortcode generators for WP 3.9
:- /functions/shortcodegens/[all files and folders]

Version 1.8

Fix - Nivo Slider fix
    :- /js/nivo/*

[26th May 2013]
Version 1.7

wpml-config.xml included ( used by WPML plugin )

Fullscreen Slideshow descriptions linebreaks displays correctly
    :- /includes/featured/supersized.php

Content Filters removed
    :- /functions/shortcodes/[all files]
    :- /framework/functions/framework-functions.php

Fixes for upcoming WP 3.6
    Post metboxes toggles
        :- /framework/admin/admin_setup.php
        :- /framework/admin/css/style.css
        :- /framework/admin/js/postmetaboxes.js
    Conflicted has_shortcode() function resolved
        :- /framework/admin/admin_setup.php
        :- /functions/conditional_scripts.php

Theme Options Upraded
    :- /framework/options/[all files]
    :- /functions.php

Version 1.6 [13th Jan 2013]

Fix - Fullscreen Video compatible with JWplayer 6.0
    :- /includes/featured/fullscreenvideo.php

Version 1.5 [ 2nd July 2012 ]

Add - Video Widget
    :- style.css
    :- functions.php
    :- widgets/video.php

Version 1.4 [ 2nd January 2012 ]

Fix -    Background image selection corrected fro blog template
    :-    includes/bg_image.php

Version 1.3 [ 27th October 2011 ]

Fix -    Footer copyright pulls from options
    :-    footer.php

Version 1.2 [ 20th October 2011 ]

Fix -    Overlay pattern can be set to none
    :-    css/dynamic_css.php

Version 1.0.1 [ 12th October 2011 ]

Fix -    Attachment image width
    :-    loop-attachment.php

Fix -     Safari youtube postformat video menu overlay
    :-    /functions/shortcodes/video.php

Add -    Option to have curved or sharp menu corners
    :-    framework/options/options-data.php

Add -    Filterable 3 column portfolio
    :-    includes/portfolio/portfolio-filtered.php
    :-    functions/page-metaboxes.php

Version 1.0
[ 12th October 2011 ]
Initial Launch

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