Revive 80 Retro 1980’s Font Pack Free Download

About Revive 80 Retro 1980’s Font Pack Free Download

Introducing the Revive 80 Font Collection – 8 typefaces inspired by the much-loved designs of the 1980s. The revival of the decade is evident everywhere, from our home screens to clothing stores. While it’s easy to add a vintage touch to our projects with a few clicks, typeface choices can be underestimated. We developed this collection with versatility.

In mind – the three sans-serifs are designed for various heights and widths, making them a powerful combo. The signature script rounds off the package perfectly. The Revive 80 Collection includes: – Phatt + Outline: visually striking and bold sans-serif -.

Wide + Outline: super wide and eye-catching sans-serif – Tall + Outline: tall sans-serif for filling those awkward spaces – Signature + Smooth: a modern take on classic 80s signature script in rough and smooth styles Plus, you’ll find multilingual glyphs.

Throughout (Latin 1: À, Á, Â, Ã, Ä, Å, Æ, Ç, Ð, Ñ, Ø, Þ, ß, Œ) We hope you love this collection – if you have questions or comments don’t hesitate to get in touch!.

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