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It’s just downed a Cortado in one gulp, it’s shaved the sides of its head and its grown a magnificent beard groomed with the very best beard oils. Turn around and you’ll find that it has illustrated today’s specials in chalk on the wall sized blackboard behind the espresso machines it’s Quigglesmith!Penned by Comicraft’s very own Chattanooga Barista,.

Sarah Hedrick, with a foam art finale by Swell John Roshell, it’s sure to dye its hair purple by the weekend. Quigglesmith is as variable in its weights as your soy/almond/oat/hazelnut milk choices at the coffee bar, and is sure to bring customers back.

For more. Have a Biscotti on us.Quigglesmith contains an alternate version of each upper and lowercase letter which automatically cycle for a natural, hand-drawn appearance. Each weight contains 538 glyphs and supports 220 languages.

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