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About Mooners Victorian Typeface Font Free Download

Make your design as a time machine with Mooners typeface. Inspired by the decorative victorian advertising poster, Mooners came to make make your document, poster, logo, etc… perfectly have classical vibes.Very victorian, ornamental, decorative and classical. A solid combination that can bring your design, logo, document, website, etc. back to 1800.

Decade. Multilingual fonts-family and playful one with 165 alternate characters.HOW TO GET ACCESS TO ALTERNATES? Make sure you run an APP or Software that allow you to access Glyph panel. Please follow the link to see the tutorial:

Characters are available through Glyph panel, even more each of the alternate letter has it’s own unicode (PUA) so you can copy/paste from Apple Font Book or Windows Character Map.OPENTYPE FEATURES – First lowercase (after a capital) and last letter swap.

Automatically. You just need turn on Contextual Alternates. Usually Adobe Photoshop and other programs activate it by default.BONUS – A complite set of victorian graphic, ornament, border & badges in OTF format! even more each of the bonus is ready to.

Use in several format (EPS 10, AI 10,OTF,TTF & PDF).Included with your purchase is :Mooners Regular.OTFMooners Regular.TTFMooners Regular.WOFFMooners Regular.WOFF2Mooners Regular Plain.OTFMooners Regular Plain.TTFMooners Regular Plain.WOFFMooners Regular.

Plain.WOFF2Mooners Alternate.OTFMooners Alternate.TTFMooners Alternate.WOFFMooners Alternate.WOFF2Mooners Alternate Plain.OTFMooners Alternate Plain.TTFMooners Alternate Plain.WOFFMooners Alternate Plain.WOFF2Mooners Ornaments.OTFMooners Ornaments.TTFLong-term.

Support: Please let me know if there is a feature you’d like to see or an issue that needs to be fixed. Updates to my fonts will always be free to existing owners.Do not hesitate to contact me: [email protected] or leave a comment bellow if you have.

Any questions about this product. Hope you like it and enjoy :)Thanks,Eric.

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