Montas 7 Fonts Free Download

About Montas 7 Fonts Free Download

Montas is a font that exudes class and elegance, boasting high contrast and an exquisite vintage-inspired design. Its bolder weights are perfect for captivating headlines, while its lighter weights lend themselves to short paragraphs. With OpenType features like case-sensitive forms, contextual alternates, discretionary ligatures, fractions, historical.

Forms, kerning, standard ligatures, localized forms, numerators, ordinals, scientific inferiors, stylistic sets, subscripts and superscripts – Montas is sure to meet the requirements of any creative project. Plus it’s available in Western Europe, Central/Eastern.

Europe, Baltic, Turkish and Romanian languages! Visit to see all the glyphs and test out the features.

Montas 7 Fonts Free Download, links below:

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