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Updated July 21 to include an installable color font!I’m very excited to release this update, an installable font made with the help of the Fontself Maker Photoshop plugins ( font includes:Memphis, a color OTF font. Color OTF fonts are not compatible with all software – basically just Adobe Photoshop CC 2017. 4 styles of.

The typeface. Regular, Dark (for use on dark backgrounds), Solid (no patterns), and Dark Solid (no patterns, for use on dark backgrounds).As a designer I’m so excited about the possibilities that color fonts offer! Read more about color fonts and their.

Possibilities here:, maybe you can tell from recent uploads that I’m really getting into the Memphis-comeback style! One of the best ways to utilise this style is with bold, graphic text that combines bright.

Colors and bold patterns… but this effect can be time consuming to create from scratch. Enter: The Memphis Type Collection! A vector alphabet that makes beautiful, custom-looking, modern type made easy. Filetype: OTF, AI, EPS, JPG, and PNG. Legacy format.

For Illustrator also included4 versions of each letter included: patterned, solid, for light background, and for dark backgroundUnique letters that work perfectly together!Complete set: all capital letters, numbers, and punctuation (period, comma/apostrophe,.

Exclamation point, question mark)PLUS! Included with this alphabet areCatchwords 10 words related to this style. Vector + raster formats.Quotes 5 beautiful pre-made quotes. Vector + raster formatsPatterns 10 coordinating patterns, each in 7 colors! Seamless.

5000×5000 px PNGs and JPGs, plus an AI file with pattern swatches.This is a perfect tool for gorgeous title text, drop caps, quotes, branding, and other Memphis-style applications. I can’t wait to see what you create!If you have any questions or comments,.

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