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Lubaline (complete pack) Font Free Download

November 3, 2023

About Lubaline (complete pack) Font Free Download

Have you heard the phrase, 'any past time was better'? I find this a bit pessimistic, because I believe the best is yet to come! This is especially true for my passion - typography. At just 29, I am too young to have enjoyed the work of Herb Lubalin (1918-1981), the man who made letters more than just symbols. He dismissed traditional type design rules.

Lubaline (complete pack)

And gave it personality. He saw letters not only as vessels of form but also objects of meaning. Today, who can deny that typography and beauty can go hand-in-hand?Ed Benguiat, one of Herb’s partners, often jokes, “screw legibility, type should be beautiful”.

Lubaline (complete pack)

What I understand from this is to not forget the rules but to master them. In this era of eclecticism, we typography lovers appreciate all that Lubalin left behind - from his 'Beards' (1976) and 'The Sound of Music' (1965) posters to his logos and other.

Lubaline (complete pack)

Creations where letters seem alive.My font Lubaline - read as "the line of Lubalin" - is my tribute to him. Some of my fonts like Reina, Aire, Erotica, String, Beatle, Heroe, Selfie, Model and Seventies were created with Lubalin's influences in mind.

I hope I continue to learn more about type design and letterforms and make innovations like he did. After all, letters are not just symbols; they are so much more!.

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