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Levitate | Modern Font Combo Free Download

October 21, 2023

About Levitate | Modern Font Combo Free Download

Unleash your creativity and design stunning logos and quotes with Levitate. This font toolbox allows you to effortlessly toggle between Sans and Serif styles by using uppercase (sans) or lowercase (serif). No need to tediously switch back and forth between fonts! We recommend the following font pairings: Termina from Adobe, Amiri from Google Fonts (free!),.

Levitate | Modern Font Combo

And Halifax from Jen Wagner Co. Levitate is perfect for logos, headings, and quotes. To get the most out of Levitate, try to switch between sans and serif fonts randomly. For instance, if a word starts with sans, make the next word start with serif. To.

Levitate | Modern Font Combo

Avoid doubling up letters, switch fonts when a word has double letters like tt. Lastly, all punctuation except an alternate for the ampersand will be the sans serif. Test out Levitate in the box above to see how it can elevate your next project!.

Levitate | Modern Font Combo Free Download, links below: