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S P O I L E R A L E R T ! We don’t want to be a drag, a wet blanket or a spoilsport, but we’re here to tell you that everything before “but” is bulls*it! Yep, if you’re a merrymaker, a carouser, a jester, a reveler or a live wire, we’re here to poop your party with our latest knicker-twister, KILLJOY! Call us cynics, call us crabs, grouches, grumpy.

Old men, sourpusses or bores, but we’re the kind of Killjoys who just have to make some noise… sound effects (sic) everybody, so listen up even if you can’t handle the truth… and here’s OUR truth; Keep Calm and be a Fabulous Killjoy! Yes, it’s easy.

To be mean — but why should anybody else have all the fun? Or all the fonts?.

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