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About Interbellum Font Family Free Download

Interbellum is an Art Deco inspired font family. In combination, you can easily give your designs a bold, yet elegant look. And by using the many different style sets, it is able to stand tall in all sorts of designs. Although it was inspired by the roaring 20s, we still think of Interbellum as an everlasting time traveller that will definitely impress.

Your clients.Text Light & Text Regular both contain 832 glyphs and SmallCaps lettersThe Display Fonts all contain 659 glyphsAll Caps Light contains 603 glyphsAll Caps Regular contains 581 glyphsAll Caps Bold contains 626 glyphsAll Caps Light Contrast.

606 glyphsThe reason. why these numbers differs is due to extra style sets, which are assigned to each proper weight in particular. The All Caps Light Contrast font can transform all letters (except for I) from a narrow glyph into a wider glyph. In case.

Of C, O & G, they change into an underlined version. It’s a very untraditional design, but a lot of fun to play with!.

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