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As comic book readers know all too well, team ups are every super hero’s bread and butter… when the brave and the bold are in a pickle, and super villains are running onion rings around them, here’s how they roll: They Meat! They Team-Up with your taste buds! They Fight Hunger! Yes, some hero combos may get along better than others, but they are always.

More powerful together. So take a footlong bite out of crime, and make the subways safe again with our mouthwatering HERO SANDWICH! Prepared with plastic gloves on by those awfully nice chaps at the Comicraft deli. Anyway you slice it, these five Ingredients.

Can be layered to generate a Hero Sandwich with the carbs and protein you need to deliver a knuckle sandwich to the bulking agents of your deadliest foes! See the families related to Hero Sandwich Ingredients: Hero Sandwich Combos.

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