Halfback A Dry Brushed Script Font Free Download

About Halfback A Dry Brushed Script Font Free Download

Meet Halfback… a happy little dry brushed font with a lovely texture, swashes, extras, and more! Here’s what you get:Halfback Regular- A happy little dry brushed fontHalfback Alternates – An alternate set of uppercase letters accessible by using a-z or A-ZHalfback Swashes – Easily access swashes without a glyphs panel. Type lowercase letters a-z for.

Beginning swashes and uppercase A-Z for end swashes.Halfback Extras – Repeating decorative borders, hearts, doodles, and swashes you can add manually. Image guide for ease of use is included.International support is available for the main Halfback font.

The swashes and other fonts do not contain international characters. You can also add swashes manually to your text.Open Type features include contextual alternates and ordinals. Use halfback on all of your projects to give it a lovingly hand brushed.

Feel. In particular I think Halfback would look great on: InvitationsBlog HeadersBrandingTangible GoodsTattoos Can’t wait to see what you create with Halfback!*A halfback is the greatest and arguably most important position on the soccer field. Also more.

Commonly referred to as a midfielder.

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