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Fatboy is a quintessentially American face, featuring no-nonsense slab serifs and a wide countenance that make it particularly suitable for horizontal compositions. It is a display face, best used at larger sizes when heft and impact are desirable.Fatboy is derived from a widespread (no pun intended) face of the 19th century, commonly known as Antique.

Extended. It was first seen in print as wood type in 1838 in George Nesbitt’s First Premium Wood Types Cut by Machinery.The font includes two weights: regular and distressed. The regular weight is a clean, precise redraw which captures the contours of.

The original wood type. The distressed weight is a rendering of the the textures of the letterpress proof itself, warts and all. The distressed weight features alternate characters with extra dings and blemishes, set as the lowercase keyboard characters.The.

Majority of the digital face was drawn from 6-line (72 point) wood type. The figures are drawn from 4-line (48 point) type. WTR Fatboy is a display face, and is best used at larger sizes. The characters pictured above are the historically accurate glyphs.

Represented in this font.Fatboy is also found on Typekit for web use.

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