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Emilio Serif (Basic Pack) Font Free Download

November 18, 2023

About Emilio Serif (Basic Pack) Font Free Download

Emilio is a modern serif family with a friendly and warm personality that seeks to strike a perfect balance between traditional and contemporary. Drawing inspiration from the typefaces popularly used in the 1980s, such as Times and Garamond, Emilio offers a fresh take on the serif font family, blending in calligraphy-inspired details and unique K and.

Emilio Serif (Basic Pack)

R legs shape.The two fonts included in this pack are Regular and Regular Italic, both of which can be enhanced with stylistic alternatives to achieve a more classic look. In addition, it offers Open Type features like standard & discretionary ligatures,.

Emilio Serif (Basic Pack)

Oldstyle figures, tabular lining, numerators & denominators, fractions, inferiors & superiors as well as case-sensitive forms and multilingual support. Emilio is ideal for headlines and titles, but its large x-height and subtle contrast make it flexible.

Emilio Serif (Basic Pack)

Enough to be used as small-text too. Perfect for editorial design, posters, covers, branding and more. For the entire 14 font family, head to https://creativemarket.com/NarrowType/13377806-Emilio-Serif-Family-%2814-fonts%29. Got any questions? Don't hesitate.

Emilio Serif (Basic Pack)

To reach out!.

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