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Batman & Robin! Thelma & Louise! Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid! Hip Flask & Farrell! Frodo & Sam! Sonny & Cher! Calvin & Hobbes! Bert & Ernie! Dynamic Duos exist in all forms of literature & entertainment, and now Comicraft is proud to introduce its latest alliterative offering, DYNAMIC DUO!A buddy movie in font form, Dynamic Duo is a team-up of.

Solid and Open weights who can’t decide who is the lead and who is the sidekick! In the fine tradition of all two-in-ones and company-wide comic crossovers, first they fight and then they team up — to take your design on the biggest, loudest, most intense.

Adventure of All Time. Dynamic Duo features comic-book style hook caps and alternate uppercase letters which automatically cycle for a more natural, hand-drawn appearance. Solid and Open weights can be layered to create chromatic effects, and matching.

Variable fonts allow near-infinite control of weight and slant. Each weight contains 478 glyphs and supports 220 languages.Comicraft fonts are created BY comic book letterers FOR lettering comic books. Accept no substitutes!Artwork by Axel Medellin from.

Elephantmen #73.

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