Display font POOKI | 3D metal bubble Free Download

About Display font POOKI | 3D metal bubble Free Download

Introducing POOKi – a wobbly, bubbly 3D font! This unique font comes with multiple variations of renderings, all of which are included in the pack. You’ll find the 147 glyphs, as well as multilingual PNG files, in blue, magenta, and light green plasticine, metallic, and metallic destroyed and pink destroyed. The scale of elements will vary depending.

On size and shape, for example A is 2080 × 3076px. Some preview images have filters and other adjustments on top; these are listed in the corner of each image. As an extra bonus, you’ll also receive a PSD file with the effects used so you can get an idea.

Of how the font works. However, please note that this is not a tutorial nor a part of the set; it is simply a bonus for learning purposes. It’s also important to note that the metallic or 3D effect is NOT a filter – these are rendered elements and I do.

Not offer any kind of metallic effect.

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