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The beautifully-crafted typeface Beautiful Freak is perfect for bringing a modern, bold and quirky look to your designs. With its irregular and quirky outlines, it has an almost hand-lettered look that will give your designs an alternative minimal look and a supercharged vibe. Its bold shapes will add a hipster attitude to your work. It comes with at.

Least three alternatives per character and 87 ligatures to ensure that your text looks unique and individual. You can use this font with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator or InDesign applications. If Beautiful Freak were a band, it would be The Clash rather.

Than Coldplay!Introducing Choose Love, the latest typeface by Simon Stratford. This hand-printed letterpress inspired, dirty ink display font is packed full of awesome print details and gives you the perfect imperfection you’re looking for. It includes.

Three different versions; SVG, Ligature and Standard, plus full image backups for those who don’t have access to OpenType SVG. With multiple alternative letters and ligatures, you can easily create type lockups that look like you have printed them yourself.

Plus, you can switch out repeating letters to make your design look unique and random. Because of its OpenType features, you need an application such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator or InDesign to make the most of this font. If this font were a band,.

It would be The Ramones rather than R.E.M! So if you want to give your work an alternative minimal look with a supercharged vibe, Choose Love is the perfect font for you.

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