Chronica Pro Family (18 fonts) Free Download

About Chronica Pro Family (18 fonts) Free Download

0-9• Latin Extended A & BChronica Pro is a font family that perfectly combines balance and quality for high-level professional use. Crafted with immense attention to detail and versatility, Chronica Pro can fulfill all your needs – from editorial design to brand creation, graphic design, signage, apps, web sites, ebooks and more. This humanistic font.

In a geometric body supports international communication and contains characters for Central, Western and Eastern European languages. It includes 18 fonts ranging from Thin to Heavy as well as OT features such as aalt case cpsp dnom frac kern liga lnum.

Numr onum ordn pnum salt sinf ss01 ss02 ss03 sups tnum 0-9 and Latin Extended A & B. Experience the power of Chronica Pro!.

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