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Unlike the modest fonts in your menu content with discreetly imparting information, Carnival is conspicuous by design. Deliberately engineered to attract eyeballs, the typeface’s unmistakable silhouette produces a dramatic visual texture that stands out in print, on screen, or in any environment where your message demands to be noticed. The steady yet.

Vibrant rhythm created by its letterforms also makes Carnival ideal for fashioning alphabet patterns and graphic devices.Flaunting a lean slender body anchored by stout stroke endings, Carnival turns conventional typographic thinking on its head by inverting.

The relative thickness of its stems and serifs. This reverse-contrast approach stretches all the way back to the roots of modern advertising, when similar types became the favorite for posters, packaging, and loads of consumer products during the 1800s.The.

Striking style prevailed well into the next century, as Harold Horman, co-founder of New York City-based Photo-Lettering. Inc., modernized a version for the company’s popular film-typesetting service in the early 1940s. Digitized and expanded by Dan Reynolds.

In 2013, Carnival had previously been used exclusively for House Industries projects. Now you can get in on the action, and use this stunning slice of type history anytime you want your work to turn heads.SUGGESTED USESCarnival’s unique character commands.

Attention, making it the perfect voice for promotional pieces, editorial design, labels, packaging, posters, and any other application that needs to strike the right tone.Like all good subversives, House Industries hides in plain sight while amplifying.

The look, feel and style of the world’s most interesting brands, products and people. Based in Delaware, visually influencing the world.

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