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Bellfort family 25 fonts Free Download

November 20, 2023

About Bellfort family 25 fonts Free Download

The Bellfort family comes with seven distinct sub-families, each with its own unique style. Whether it's Regular, Rough, Press, Shadow, Press Shadow, Shadow Only or Script, there's something to suit your needs. Every sub-family has up to four font weights, giving you plenty of options. When used with OpenType-savvy applications, the 3 available glyph.

Bellfort family   25 fonts

Variants are automatically alternated for a random-like effect. Alternatively, you can manually pick the alternates from the Glyphs palette or use the alternates from the keyboard. Bellfort Script is a handwritten script with full connectivity and ligatures.

Bellfort family   25 fonts

For easy reading and flow. It also includes contextual alternates for even better readability. Language support encompasses Western, Central and Eastern European character sets as well as Baltic and Turkish languages.

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