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About Baro — 75% Off Font Free Download

Introducing Baro – a family of seven sans serif fonts sure to elevate your design. Geometric in shape and all-caps in style, Baro fonts are crafted to be layered overtop one another for chromatic typesetting. At 75% off, this is an offer you can’t resist.Baro Plain is the base style of the family, with its thick monolinear strokes. Use it alone for.

A very heavy geometric sans, or as a base behind other Baro fonts. Baro LineOne is made up of thinner strokes, while Baro LineTwo and Three have two parallel strokes – an outline and an inline, with a thick hollow counter space between them. Baro LineFour.

Is unique with its thin inline strokes in the center of their ‘backgrounds’ thick monolinear strokes. And Baro Contour has very thin parallel strokes compared to Baro LineTwo. Finally, Baro Strip is a prismatic version that can stand alone or be combined.

With Baro Plain. Chromatic typesetting is easy to do in Adobe Creative Suite applications; just repeat the same text on multiple layers, use a different font on each layer, and make the text on each layer have a unique color. Developed by Paris-based.

Designer Julie Soudanne, learn more about this offer by visiting our website:

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