Armoire: Art Deco font family Free Download

About Armoire: Art Deco font family Free Download

The Armoire typeface is a beautifully crafted blend of two distinct styles – the elegant rationality of Art Deco and the ornamental craftsmanship of Art Nouveau. Perfect for both display and text usage, Armoire offers a variety of weights from light to bold, as well as a unique set of uppercase letters that are case-sensitive. The lighter weights of.

Armoire are built with geometric influences from the Art Deco period, while the bolder weights have an added calligraphic flair, thanks to a shift in the angle of stress. With Armoire’s Book and Regular weights, you can choose a slightly lighter or darker.

Tone with just a 13% difference, each with an accompanying bold and italic. The italics are true italics, featuring narrow and lighter letterforms that bring classic elegance to any design. Armoire 1.1 update [2023/01/23] brings various small improvements.

As well as an increased total glyph count to 614 and language support to 413 languages! To see the full character set of Armoire, visit

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