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40 Archive Fonts Collection Free Download

October 18, 2023

About 40 Archive Fonts Collection Free Download

Designers, look no further! This unique collection of 40 single display vintage fonts is a must-have for your font library. Styles range from Old English and Western, to fine scripts and Art Deco -- all of which are reproduced as they originally appeared in print, so their original feel is preserved. The fonts consist of uppercase letters, lowercase.

40 Archive Fonts Collection

Letters, numerals and basic punctuation, so you’ll have all the basics you need. The fonts included are: Archive American Shadow OTF, Archive Antiqua Extra Cond OTF, Archive Antique Extended OTF, Archive Atlantique OTF, Archive Autograph Script OTF, Archive.

40 Archive Fonts Collection

Black Title OTF, Archive Black Title Text OTF, Archive Blackcap OTF, Archive Chased Black OTF, Archive Cider OTF, Archive Copperplate Head OTF, Archive Copperplate Text OTF, Archive Egipt Comp OTF, Archive French Script OTF, Archive French Shaded OTF,.

40 Archive Fonts Collection

Archive Garfield OTF, Archive German Text OTF, Archive Gothic Ornate OTF, Archive Grotesque Shaded OTF, Archive Harlem Title OTF, Archive Ironlace OTF, Archive Kludsky OTF, Archive Lightface Extended OTF, Archive Magno Script OTF, Archive Mann OTF, Archive.

40 Archive Fonts Collection

Modern II Open O.

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