Allspice: a fun mixed case font! Free Download

About Allspice: a fun mixed case font! Free Download

Introducing Allspice, the delicious new font for all your creative projects! With this amazing mixed-case font (all uppercase and lowercase letters are the same height) you can easily mix and match words. What’s more is that this download comes with a secondary font file of Allspice-Alternates, with even more options than before! Not only are the letters.

Alternates – all the numbers, punctuation and accented characters are alternates too!In your download you’ll get the Allspice font in both OTF and TTF file formats, as well as the Allspice-Alternates font in OTF and TTF file formats, plus a PDF guide.

To which characters appear in which file type. Allspice has it all – uppercase A-Z, lowercase a-z, numbers 0-9, standard punctuation marks and over 200 accented characters for language support. And because everything is coded within the two fonts, you.

Won’t have to venture into Font Book or Character Map to find those extra characters. So if your software doesn’t support OpenType fonts, no worries – you’ll still have 100% of Allspice at your fingertips!.

Allspice: a fun mixed case font! Free Download, links below:

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